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Agamemnon No, the wedding was held in the sacred valleys of Pelion, where Cheiron lives. My daughters life hangs on your will. iphigenia in aulis monologue mother listen to me. Because youre trying to save my girl? From Kahil (1990). Now, Ill tell you everything Ive written in this folded scroll because you are a true and loyal servant to my house and to my wife. Klytaimestra Yes, quite right, too! Klytaimestra Stop your shouting. In order to appease her and sail on to Troy, Agamemnon was forced to sacrifice his daughter, Iphigenia; the Chorus describes in detail her pitiful cries for mercy as her father's men cut her throat. Whats going on? some of them ask. Iphigeneia But but look at you, father! She leans before him and embraces his knees. Agamemnon Curse Calchas and his whole horde of glory-loving prophets! Achilles He was elected, all right, but he didnt say no! For a moment a great deal of shouting by men is heard behind the curtains. That! Achilles My lady, I have never proposed to your daughter Atreas sons have never talked to me about a marriage! I bore you this son a son and three daughters and now you tear one of them from my hands so violently! Next to him was Nireas, first among the Greeks in beauty. Klytaimestra My question is nothing but reasonable. I am going to go and speak with your husband. IPHIGENIA IN AULIS A monologue from the play by Euripides NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from The Plays of Euripides in English, vol. My friend, neither kill nor be killed because of me. Helen, the sister of the Heaven-dwelling twins, the Dioscuri. Is this true or is it yet another one of these tales conjured up by the poets and then spread idly about the world through the ages? It makes the mother love her child most deeply and she will defend it with her life. Hell have the whole army eating out of his hand and then make them kill us and sacrifice the girl anyway! Word Count: 1230. Come, my lord, lets go back inside! Well, you pretended you didnt want the job but you did. Youve come to your death you and me also! Achilles No, my lady, dont call your daughter out to see me. Klytaimestra May joy be with you for ever, Achilles. 1500. I shall think of nothing else but you from now on. Chorus Listen to her, Agamemnon! Enter a Perseus citation to go to another section or work. Shelley Dean Milman. Its young Orestes, a baby still. employee value proposition model; 10 minute virtual bike ride; application for head of school; dawnelle 120'' wide velvet symmetrical modular sectional with ottoman I wont let anyone take your life even though it would be against your wish. That way, not only will I not lose a friend but the army will also not be angry with me when it sees that Ive used my brains rather than my brawn. Menelaos Brother, give me your right arm! Menelaos If you dont let go of it I shall crack your skull open with this staff! Be thankful to her because it is she who was looking after you and brought about all this for you, because, the truth is, neither you nor all of your power had anything to do with it. 860. IPHIGENIA: Had I, my father, the persuasive voice Of Orpheus, and his skill to charm the rocks To follow me, and soothe whome'er I please With winning words, I would make trial of it; But I have nothing to present thee now Save tears, my only eloquence; and those I can present thee. I wrap its limbs around your knees and beg you: Please father, do not cut off my life short. Ah! Give her your arms and bring her down safely. 110. Youll be back inArgos, taking care of our other daughters. Now go! Its good that the children will be spared. Im giving you my tears! Pause. Im angry because King Agamemnon has insulted me so gravely. But they cant, my darling daughter. My words were brief, blunt and clear. I can see that youre angry at your husband but I think youre wrong about that. The opportunity was made for him to elope with her, since Menelaos was absent at the time. 710. Chorus He is the Trojan Ganymede, the loving delight of Zeus bed! Iphigeneia Oh, Im so happy youve brought me here to see you. Iphigeneia Artemis altar will be my grave. I I am shocked, my lady! Leave now, Achilles. I will be led to a godless slaughter by a godless father! Klytaimestra I am not so insensitive, Agamemnon. On thy knees I hang, A suppliant wreath, this body, which she bore Thus, like a significant number of Euripidean lyrics,' the third stasimon of the Iphigenia in Aulis stands out in contrast to the dramatic Let our friends here see how happy you make me. Ive also missed you! My curiosity. 240, First Chorus Their emblem was the goddess, Palas Athena, standing on a chariot pulled by winged horses, an emblem that pleased and encouraged the sailors. Agamemnon and I have separate properties. My father, my own father has left me! Agamemnon And when you come across some fork in the road, check it carefully. Orpheus, who could charm even the heartless rocks into following him! Do you not care about me any more? No, thats not a good idea, Klytaimestra Ill hold you tight, by your clothes, Iphigeneia No, mother. ("Agamemnon", "Hom. Agamemnon Zeus himself gave her to him. Gone! Why are we wasting our time around here? I am here, madam, as I will be in Troy also, to defend with my shield and with my spear my honour as a man and to do my best to glorify the god of war, Ares. He kept pace with the rail and with the wheels of the chariot. Dent & Sons, 1920. I shall serve Greece! Then, the moment you became one, all this nice behaviour changed and you had turned your back on all your friends. Good bye. Then Agamemnon came to me and ordered me to come here and tell you what Fate the gods have granted to your daughter. Weve been robbed! You say youre happy to see me but your face looks worried! Agamemnon Holy Fate and Fortune! Chorus You, evil Helen! He, too, loves glory. Menelaos Act according to your position, or youll be very sorry, old man! Where shall I go to find your hand, to ask you to help me in my hour of despair? 730. Iphigeneia Looking into the distance behind curtains. Your wit is truly far greater than mine. But as for you, daughter of Agamemnon! Come out here and bring your little brother, Orestes with you. Klytaimestra What? Achilles They jeered at me! Chorus And to the feast of the gods and to Bacchus wine-mixing bowl came, too, with spears of fir and with wreaths of green leaves, the troupe of horse-mounted centaurs. First Chorus Oh, Lady, goddess of love, Aphrodite! What a dreadful thing to say! You are the cause of this miserable conflict between the sons of Atreas and their children! What horror! Here, take it now and carry it over toArgos. 666 words. Iphigeneia Mother, Im too ashamed to face Achilles. Do you think that I, son of Atreas the fearless, will be afraid to raise my eyes and look at you in the eye? Old Man Psssst! Rather, I have an amazing story to tell you about your daughter. Klytaimestra bursts into tears. London: J.M. Agamemnon He covers his face with his hands in shame and groans. Now, that was the first of my complaints against your character. Awful! Let me, instead, save Greece, if I can. This is the first English edition with commentary of the play since 1891. I would have given it to serve the greater good of our soldiers. What destruction! Help us for that reason and help us, too, because if my daughter is killed on the altar that would be a bad omen for your future marital prospects, an omen you should try and avoid. How much more time do we need to waste on this expedition toTroy? She swings him, sadly, gently back and forth and leans over him as she speaks to him. Why should you be the only one to offer our child as a victim to the altar? IPHIGENIA: Had I, my father, the persuasive voice Of Orpheus, and his skill to charm the rocks To follow me, and soothe whome'er I please With winning words, I would make trial of it; But I have nothing to present thee now Save tears, my only eloquence; and those I can present thee. Whats in your mind, this time, my lord Agamemnon? 164. The strength of the minor characters in Agamemnon distinguishes this play from a number of Aeschylus' other works. What does the army want? For use by any theatrical, educational or cinematic organisation, however, including a non-commercial one, permission must be sought. Tell me what is this secret thats worrying you so much. You, too, Menelaos, get everything ready for this joyous occasion and lets hear the flutes sing and the dancers pound the earth with their feet. She will be begging me, my sweet young girl! Ive tried all manner of subtle tricks to get my closest friends to agree with me and there, too, Ive failed. What an awful Fate the gods have delivered to you! A safe return? Agamemnon Thank you, friend. Euripides (484 BCE - 406 BCE) Translated by Theodore Alois Buckley (1825 - 1856). Chorus Youre a brave girl, Iphigeneia. This surely is nothing more than drivel spat out of the mouth of a mad old man! The play was produced in a trilogy that also included The Bacchae and was presented by Euripides' son or nephew. Her expedition to Troy and its destruction depends upon me. Believe me, I wont be exaggerating. Go! And thats why the whole ofGreecerose up in arms with great fervour. Old Man Because Menelaos took it away from me, my lady. Menelaos Leave! 1613. $3.99 delivery March 10 - 14. Agamemnon Here, at the harbour, near our beautiful Greek ships. Klytaimestra Oh, no, child! Messenger Agamemnon, leader of all the Greeks! Klytaimestra Will he try and come here and drag my darling away, just like that, against her will? If only this town, if only Aulis, had refused to let all these Troy-destined ships enter her harbour! And if only Zeus had not breathed his contrary wind upon Euripus, this wind that stopped this expedition from leaving for Troy! The goddess son. Let me tell you of your faults, Agamemnon! Iphigenia is told that she must prepare for her new life, and that she will be quite alone, far from her parents and home (666, 669). Not a sound to be heard anywhere, old man! Agamemnon approaches Iphigeneia and tries to console her. There is nothing that I would not do for my darling Iphigeneia. Indeed no! What, youll be performing a mothers duties now? Give me your hand, my dear child. The Chorus turns in the direction of the scream and responds! Klytaimestra Darling, no! Agamemnon I praise you, Menelaos for these unexpected words, proper words, words truly worthy of you. You will say that youve killed our daughter so that Menelaos, your brother, can get back his Helen! Exit Achilles. Help us! Chorus Awesome is the power of giving birth! That would be bad for both of us. Klytaimestra Go ahead then, speak. If the oracle has given me some say into your daughters fate then I pass that say over to you. Promise me that you wont cut even a strand of your hair in mourning nor wear black! 1200. So, calm yourself now, Klytaimestra. Not before I tell all the Greeks what it says! Achilles I do, my lady and I can see its a horrible thing for you to endure. What demon has taken possession of his mind? Looking over the baby. A nanny is holding the baby Orestes in her arms. Come, take me to the altar of the goddess. 1410. And how can I be certain that this isnt just an idle little story to cheer me up, to ease my dreadful grief for you? I no longer want to be your enemy. You already know your fathers intentions, poor love. What a weak little helper you are, my tiny brother! Written between 408, after Orestes, and 406 BC, the year of Euripides' death, the play was first produced the following year in a trilogy . Menelaos Listen to me, Agamemnon! For a mere woman? My lady your daughter her father he is about to kill her! 378. Agamemnon And still something is holding back the expedition. Iphigeneia Wish them joy for me and take good care of my little brother, Orestes for me. Very difficult. Achilles What? Should I exchange the good for bad? And, no, I will not murder my children and certainly wont do it so that you can wrongfully enjoy some sort of vengeance exacted from a disgraceful wife, while I waste away in tears day and night because I had committed such a godless crime against them, against my own flesh and blood. Gone are the harsh words, suddenly! I shall obey your directions. Moderate. Iphigeneia Do not hate daddy my daddy, your husband. Agamemnon Yes, so you see what sort of a man your future son-in-law is! 1318. rancho mission viejo rienda; mamma restaurant london. I must go. I dont want anyone to think despicable things about me. This breath that quieted the breezes in the Greek sails! You talk about my ambition. Unjustly but I must! Mother, I see a group of men coming towards us! And tell me another thing, Agamemnon: when you return home, when you come back to Argos, will you have the gall to put your arms around any of your children? Your father has gone, my darling and abandoned you to Hades! The most interesting alteration for me is that at the end of the play it seems that Artemis had replaced Iphigenia with a deer. We cant go on fighting against Necessity! Chorus Alas! First Chorus Theyre off to bring back Helen, Menelaos wife, whom Paris, the Trojan cowherd, abducted from her home inSparta, a city built by the reed-covered banks of the river, Eurotas. See, father? I know about your plans. Old Man But, surely, my lord, surely it is there, in the trappings of office and power, that we find pleasure! Abominable creature! If any barbarian dared to bring his ships against these hed never see his home again. Rather, its the fact that you need a good woman one to fill your arms with and, in order to get her, youve lost your wits and your manners! Now call her out here so she can follow me to the altar. And you, dear wife, daughter of Leda, I ask forgiveness from you, too, for all my tears. Klytaimestra But why didnt you deliver that message to me, if it was in your hand? How dreadful! As for the other sort, the bad ones, they are everywhere! Well! He embraces and then steps back to look at her sadly. Do you hear them, Helen? So, we have all gathered here and here we are still, tied down by the weather! After a while, Calchas, our prophet, came up to us and suggested much to our dismay- that we should sacrifice my own daughter, Iphigenia, to the goddess Artemis, whose shrine is in these parts! He has used it to lure and snare his daughter and to convince Klytaimestra to bring her here, to me, to be presented as my wife! Agamemnon What? He gains control of the scroll. One of the most performed Greek tragedies, the play explores the breakdown of social norms in times of war and how war breeds inhuman habits in the most human of men. You used to ask me, I wonder, my darling, will I get to see you married one day, married and settled happily in your husbands home, your life ever blossoming, making me proud of you? And Id touch your chin, my father, hang from your beard, father, like Im doing now and say, and what about you, father, will I get to see you, father, an old man, visiting me at my house, ready for me to repay you for your hard work in raising me?, No, you dont remember these words, father. Old Man How can you say such a thing, my lord? All the women are frightened and turn towards it. Iphigeneia The same song, mother, the same words tell both our fates, dear mother and I Ive lost the days sweet light, the sweet light of the suns rays! With his own sword, madam he will make bloody the young girls white neck bloody it with her own blood! A good man, my brother, must not change his manner just because his life is going well. You, girls! Dance around the temple of the blessed goddess! Soon youll wake up a happy young man, my son. How can I endure your death? You were still the man she loved. Im leaving for another world! We shall make the wedding celebrations another time., Old Man But how will Achilles take this? The girl is with the gods! Now make your answer reasonable also! 630. He has abandoned me to deal with this dreadful calamity all on my own! Old Man So, my lord, why on earth are you wandering about out here, then? Klytaimestra And the feast for us women? It is what a mother must do! Please, in the name of Pelops and of Atreas, who is your father, I beg you! When is the wedding? Iphigenia in Aulis demonstrates how conflict and choices based around pride can lead to tragic results. We must do what we must do, to please the gods. After you have gone gone away on your expedition and you have left me here, alone in the house -and alone for a long time, our darling daughters chair empty her bedroom empty -what sort of heart do you think will be beating in my breast? Tell me! After all, what is it exactly that I want? This work is licensed under a Death is a dreadful thing! How could I ever speak the truth now? I take your kind welcome and gracious words as signs of a good omen. Klytaimestra What, Achilles? 272. On my part, I wish you all happiness and may you return to the land of your fathers victorious. You know the dread that Agamemnon has brought upon us. Cover the baby with one of your cloaks. Let no Greek touch my body with his hand. Agamemnon Here, Menelaos. So angry were my twin brothers, the Dioscuri, that they came charging down from Zeus side on their glistening horses to fight you but you went begging to my old father, Tyndareus and he, not only saved you but made me your wife! Forget your old age and run! Which one will not wonder if it will be the next one you take to the slaughter? Come, folks come and take down from the carriage the wedding gifts Ive brought and carefully carry them into the tent. Klytaimestra Really? You, grandchild of Aeacus you, too Ledas daughter, stay! 610. Agamemnon Thank goodness youre out here, Ledas daughter. To Dardanos house, in Troy, to bring back Menelaos wife, Helen. Agamemnon My thoughts exactly, my darling. Old Man Your very reprimand shows the extent of my virtue! Summary. So you will sacrifice your daughter! Hes gone mad only so far as your daughter and you are concerned. How. Look there! My death will bring about all this liberation and my good name will live into eternity. Think nothing of it! Why are you leaving? Brothers fight because of lust and because of greed in their inheritance. Introduction. May it be with you always, for helping the unfortunate! 9.1", "denarius"). Still, by then it is too late. Chorus There goes the girl with garlands on her hair and holy water upon her head! Klytaimestra Well? The play is co-produced by the Court Theatre of Chicago, directed by Charles Newell, and translated by Nicholas Rudall. Chorus And so, the blessed couple were wed by the gods: The nobly born oldest daughter of Nereas and Peleas. Klytaimestra And were they married in the sea? Your daughter, my lady, has today seen both death and life! He walks slowly about the stage for a moment, anxiously searching the starry sky. This is very dangerous indeed, my lord! IPHIGENIA IN AULIS Essay Summary A monologue from the play by Euripides NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from The Plays of Euripides in English, vol. Iphigenia's father is Agamemnon and his brother is King Menelaus. Klytaimestra Whats wrong? Klytaimestra Falls down and clasps Achilles knees. Click anywhere in the By the goddess Hera, protector ofArgosand of marriage, I shall not do so! Go inside now! Second Chorus Look there: our Lords daughter, Iphigeneia, our princess; and there, his wife and Tyndareus daughter, our Lady, Klytaimestra! Agamemnon saw his child on her way to her slaughter and immediately groaned with horrible pain. I do but you dont! Paris! Chorus There goes the destroyer of Troy and her people! Chorus Let Agamemnons name live for ever in glory! And where will I be at the time? But tell me what I must do. 1230. Ah, yes! Achilles Yes, madam and I too, am furious at your husband. Lets think through this together, my lady. First Chorus I, too, feel pity for you if it is at all proper for a foreigner to feel pity for the plight of kings. Old Man To stop you By then he had come back to his senses. It seems Im eagerly preparing for an imaginary wedding! 180. First Chorus Once there, a maddened gaze of love from each of you had sent you both into Eros confusion and sent Greece to Troy with strife-searching ships and spears. Old Man That womans there. Commentary. It was there, at that meadow, that these three women came before Paris to put an end to their dire contest about which of them was the most beautiful. Happy to be at your sisters wedding. You have been wronged, madam. Is being a General the only thing in your head? Close suggestions Search Search Before the play begins: The background of Iphigeneia at Aulis is the Trojan War. Agamemnon Sure, that I can certainly do secretly but theres something else, brother; something I cannot hide. No, you look after everything outside the household and I shall take care of things within it! Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Is it a good wife youre after? Achilles You must grab her and not let go of her. Am I not allowed to manage the affairs of my own home, in my own way, now? Agamemnon My old friend, Thestius daughter, Leda, had three daughters: Phoebe, Klytaimestra (my wife) and Helen. Listen! A black Fate for all three of us! Old Man A slave. They might be from the wagon that is bringing the girl here, to the Greek ships. Iphigenia at Aulis seems to have been constructed in a society in which it was ideal to put nation and family ahead of oneself. Agamemnon Of course you do so long as you dont try to ruin them! Klytaimestra What I should be doing as a mother- is to be the one who gives Iphigeneia, my daughter, away to her groom. George Bell and Sons. After that, Paris, the man who, according to the legend, judged the three goddesses, Hera, Aphrodite and Athena, for their beauty, arrived atSparta. She gives up the most precious gift she can: her life. Messenger My dear lady I shall. Do you not want to fight for her? Ah, there he is! 510. There will be no grave. Anger and impatience which I must control. Old Man And, my lord, if I say all these things youve just told me, will your daughter and your wife believe me? Or fastest delivery March 8 - 10. In his frenzy, he rushed about the whole ofGreece, calling upon everyone to remember Tyndareus solemn oath and to help him, since he was the wronged husband. Agamemnon What you must do is not leave your other daughters alone, back at the house. Please dont do it! And there, along the white sands below, Nereus fifty daughters whirled and weaved their dance circles and made splendid the wedding of the Nereid. Listen to me! I beg you, father! 751. You ask me what theyve done to me? Not from any birds, not from the sea and not from any of the winds that rule over the waters between us andEpirus Total silence! You groan but you say nothing. And I also hear what theyve done to me! First Chorus Diomedes, too, was there amusing himself, throwing a discus. The whole place glitters with the bronze armour of the warriors. Thank you, my sweet daughter! Iphigenia has arrived in Aulis, and soon the army will be demanding her death. She was falsely called your future wife. 210, First Chorus The two horses in the centre, those that took the weight of the yoke, were dappled with spots of white; the two on the outside carried the traces and they had to negotiate the turns on the track. Returned soldiers emerge as protagonists in Pierre-Michel Tremblay's Au Champ de Mars, Hannah Moscovitch's This Is War, and George F. Walker's Dead Metaphor while Evan Webber and Frank Cox-O'Connell Little Iliad deals with a soldier about to be dispatched to Afghanistan. Oh, goddess who lets her brilliant light roll along through the gloomy darkness of the night! Its a common thing for a man to be shy when he meets his relatives for the first time and theyre talking about marriage! This is the letter which you saw me writing in the dark, opening it and shutting it, labouring over it. I, too feel the same pain so I wont be angry with you. From now on, think only of me. i. Trans. Klytaimestra Achilles, son of the Nereid! Dont be so afraid of the masses! July 4, 2022 . Chorus Joyous notes were sung to the glory of Peleas, son of Aeacus and Thetis, there, upon Mount Pelion, the woody realm of the Centaurs. 20. Agamemnon Yes. I was a very good house keeper for you. Klytaimestra My dear Lord, Agamemnon! The more I hold you in my arms the more the tears rush to my eyes. 471. Chorus And there it was that Dardanos poured the heavenly nectar into the deep golden cups of the gods. I have brought this bride here with strong hopes for a wonderful marriage. Who on earth could force you to murder your own child? Thats Achilles, my darling. And the gods will see to that, whether you like it or not. The true leader of a city and of an army is not merely brave but intelligent. Dear women of Argos, this death, my death, this sacrifice to Artemis, will speed the Greeks to Troy and bring honour to the Greeks. You may accept or manage cookie usage at any time. Chorus Friends, let us sing our prayer to Artemis! Both you and I, whether we want to or not, must help Hellas stand free Hellas men cannot have their wives stolen from their beds. Clytemnestra It is the goddess' son you see, child, for whom you came here. If this works out well, then the result will be good for you and your family without my getting mixed up in the affair. Agamemnon Make sure you dont break the seal of the scroll! Chorus Gods laws are ruled by lawlessness and mortals dont unite to stand against the wrath of Heaven. I also feel ashamed Iturns towards the tent. And if I tried to run off toArgos, the whole lot of them will come over and destroy the place, raze the whole city to the ground, Cyclopean walls and all! Iphigeneia Hands Orestes back to her mother. Godless! CLYTEMNESTRA: Now hear me, for my thoughts will I unfold In no obscure and coloured mode of speech. murders in littleton, colorado,

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